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A Message from Howard
Dear Pierce Chapel Family,
As you should know, we are back to offering 2 IN-PERSON worship services: 
- 8:30 AM Yellow Light Service, masks required, no choir, distanced seating
- 11:00 AM Green Light Service, masks optional, with choir, distanced seating
We also continue to offer our 10:00 AM Red Light “Lovestream” Service.  
The 10:00 Lovestream has been a real blessing to many people. We plan to continue it indefinitely, though it will begin to go through some noticeable changes very soon. More about that at another time.  
If you are a true RED LIGHT person in relation to the Covid-19 virus, or if you are unable to attend in-person worship because of health, location, or travel, the LOVESTREAM is for you! But if you are a YELLOW LIGHT or a GREEN LIGHT person and you simply enjoy staying home in your pajamas watching the LOVESTREAM, I want to challenge you.
Consider these 2 definitions:
Worship is intended to be a communal event that happens when the Body of Christ gathers. It best happens when we take our place with the Christian body separating ourselves from other places and events, uniting our voice with the voices of others, and opening ourselves to receive the Word (read, spoken, broken, sung, and prayed) from those called and set apart to deliver that Word. That Word becomes the embodied Word in the gathered congregation. 
Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its velocity. In other words, a body at rest tends to stay at rest.
If you are a Yellow or Green Light person who easily finds the energy to attend other events but have not found the energy to make it back to worship, I challenge you. Get intentional about it. Make yourself change your habit. Inertia is hard to overcome, but there is significant spiritual value to being in the presence of others as you worship and seek to hear from God.
An honest person wrote these words to Lynn this week: ”I’m planning on coming back Sunday, but it will be hard not being in my PJs! The Lovestream has me spoiled but I am craving to see everyone.” 
I suspect this reflects where many of us are. 
We’ve been cautious for a good reason, and I don’t want anyone to take an unnecessary risk.  If you need to stay at home for health reasons, please do.  But it’s time for some of us to shake up our patterns (especially those of us who are fully vaccinated) and work to overcome the inertia in order to attend in-person worship again with the Body.
When you make that effort, I believe you will be glad you did!
For all the Yellow & Green Lights...
Look What's Resuming this Sunday! 
Join us for a modified "Sunday Hospitality" time beginning at 9:20 (or immediately after the 8:30 service concludes).  Coffee and individually pre-packaged goodies will be available in our hospitality room.
We're excited that our Sunday Connections classes for children and youth will be resuming in-person this Sunday!  Click the button below to see adult Sunday Connections options (two of which are hybrid, so if you're a Red Light, please join one of those!), and email if you have questions about any of this!
Registration for Pierce Chapel members and regular attenders
opens tomorrow, Saturday, May 1!  
Watch for an email tomorrow morning with a link to register!
Are you NEW to Pierce Chapel?
Perhaps new to the United Methodist Church?
Or ... have you been here a while but still have some questions
and want to learn more?
You're invited to join Howard & Lynn in the north end of the Worship Center on Wednesday, May 12, 6:00-7:30 p.m. for pizza and some informal conversation about Pierce Chapel.  This can be an especially helpful session for anyone considering making Pierce Chapel their church home.  Supper is on us (pizza!), and free childcare is provided.  Please make your reservations by emailing as soon as possible!

We are scouting for CAMP COUNSELORS!  Rising 10th graders and up are needed as camp counselors (A.K.A. role models!) for kid’s camp!  Sign up today!

KILT Accolade Ceremony

Please join us Friday, May 14th at 6:00 PM in the Worship Center as we honor several of our youth for their dedication and community service.


This will be a green light event as we present awards to Stephen Graves, Caleb & Cameron Greer, and Philip Korytoski who are part of our Knights In Leadership Training (KILT) community group for young men.

Preschool Announcements


Limited space is available in our 4-year-old Pre-K classes! Email Mary Peters, our Pierce Chapel Preschool Director, at to learn more!


The Preschool is also looking for a 4-day-a -week assistant - contact Mary for more details!

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
We express our love and sympathy to:
Lisa & Andy Ashcraft at the death of Lisa's father, James Thomas Boone, Jr., on April 6.
Jason, Holly & Cole Pettis at the death of Jason's mother, E.P. Rolison, on April 19.
Fred & Debi Van Noy at the death of Fred's mother, Irma Van Noy, on April 20.
Doright & Debbie Korytoski at the death of Doright's brother, David Korytoski, on April 26.


Mike Alford

John Alston

Brent Braxton

Alice Brumbach
Donna Buterbaugh

Brian Cantrell

George Cantrell
Annika Carpenter
Linda Cliff
Rick & Judy Dorer
Ben Dunton (Linda Socci’s son)

Fritzie Fulton
Debby Graham

Maria Hassel
Jim Hawkins

Retha Martin

Bernadine Nash (Belita Walker’s friend)
Teresa O’Donnell
John Proft
Kermit Roseberry
Don & Patti Russell
Danny Seifu (Kiddy Seifu's son)
Kiddy Seifu
Cheryl Seymour
Byrdie Skipper

Mickie Tennyson
Mitzi Valdespino (Sheila Cook’s sister)
Andy Wentzell (Donna Pounds' cousin)

Mitch Williams
All military families

Meagan Rhames - due July 2021


(Call the church office 706-327-9807 to add to the prayer list, and please let us know when it’s appropriate to remove someone’s name.)

 Maren Holt, Brianna Putnam, & Bob Van Alstine
Jimmy & Kitty McKinstry’s Anniversary
2    Connie Bales, Elizabeth Hardcastle, Bethany Link, Kyle Pinet & Linda-Gail Thompson
Andy & Amber Winkis’ Anniversary
3    Rich Curtis, Camdyn Murphy, & Jack Seymour
4    Weston Garrett, Greg Newer, Cole Swecker & Grant Swecker
5    Lucas Kennedy, Bill Mullins, Amy Grace Rhinehart & Darryl Skelley
6    Peggy Garland, Kathy Long,  & Shauna Pelley
Craig & Leslie Manning’s Anniversary
7     Raina Givans
8    Alice Brumbach
Andy & Mandy Kahmann’s Anniversary
9    Rebecca Tabor & Karen Weisenburger
10    Amber Massey, Haley Seifert & Jennifer Reaves
Craig & Kay Howell’s Anniversary
11    Rick Wimberly
12    Carson Lashua & Donna Pounds
13    Donny Russell & Susan Fudge

14    Jerimiah Simpson & Jay Sykes
Thelma Bunch & Hope Stockton
16    Tina Armistead, Steve Lennon, & Elise Parker
17    Paul Crouch, Bryce Vinson & Zach Langford
18    Hannah Mattson, Haley Powell, Ben Smith, & Will Van Noy
19    Molly Goare, Jerry Mason & Jared Stansell
20    Coates Massey, Emily Nelson, Cole Pettis
Mark & Kim McKinstry’s Anniversary
21    Miranda Parmer & Jack Fry
Robert & Debbie Ribolini’s Anniversary
22    Patrice Holt, Kay Howell, Chloe Strickland, & Maddie Snipes
Bruce & Kathy Davis’ Anniversary
23    Chris Gemes, Kennedy Eldridge, & Cheryl Seymour
Ron & Hannah Shives’ Anniversary
24    Ty Ammons, Robyn Eckenroth, Becky Goldsmith, Nancy Weiler & Brittany Howard
25    Vance Williams
John & Patty Hornsby’s Anniversary
26    Peyton Bowman & Josie Swecker
Jason & Angela Strange’s Anniversary
28    Juline Maholick, Connor McKinney, Collin Murphy & Rachel Vaughn
Chip & Alice Fry’s Anniversary
30    Max Lane & Judy Thomas
31    Jenny Digby, Pam Jinright, Allison Miller, 
Emily Peck, Jackson Strange & Caroline Williams
Josh & Tanda Lane’s Anniversary

5122 Pierce Chapel Rd., Midland, GA, 31820

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